Rural Secondary School connects with Georgia Institute of Technology through video link

November 29, 2009

Killina Secondary School, 10 miles from Tullamore, Co.Offaly is to soon have direct, high definition video link to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. (Via )

This will allow the Irish students to look through Georgia Tech’s million-dollar electron microscope and take classes from top scientists.

“For our students to be able to interact directly with researchers in Georgia, remotely controlled technology such as telescopes and powerful microscopes will be hugely exciting and motivational for our students and teachers,” Joe Varley, a science teacher at Killina Secondary School, told GlobalAtlanta in an e-mail interview.

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CSI Experience

November 25, 2009

CSI Experience

The interactive Forensics exhibit is entering it’s final week at the Ambassador Theatre in Dublin. This is a unique opportunity to experience forensic science first hand. It involves techniques on toxicology, fingerprinting, antropology and lots more. It is open until Sunday the 6th. Tickets can be bought from